Jane Doe

Things We Don’t Want to Know on a Date

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2010 at 9:29 am

How many calories are in an entire bag of cheetos.  Nam – Nam.

Why your friend is ‘ugly’.  Grow a brain please – if you don’t have something interesting to say, just don’t talk.

Why your boss sucks.  Everyone’s boss sucks, get over it or move on.

Why you were ‘dumped’.  Lie – this only makes you look desperate.

What your pet-peeves are.  Save the scare tactics for after love has begun.  Then they’re stuck – pet peeves and all.

Why your dad left your mom.  I shouldn’t have to say this, but seriously…all ‘in-depth’ conversations should be saved for after the relationship has began. Think of yourself like an onion, peel back layers upon layers.

How nervous or intimidated you are – trust me most women (and men) can pick that up on their own.  Keep the conversation flowing and engaging by asking questions and shutting your pie hole.  People like people who listen – fact.


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