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Jane Doe Dating: About the Blog & Contact for Coaching Services

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2010 at 3:56 am

This blog is simple.  It’s a blog about dating.  It’s a blog about teaching the ‘rules of the game’ as I see it from my subjective opinion.  If you don’t like my opinion, don’t read.

I base all my advice from my own past personal experience (happily retired from the game) and my clients, one being my best friend who, of course, gets all my advice for free.

Dating means:  There is no label yet.  Relationships are work and while some of this info may be applicable to relationships, most of the advice here is meant for the courting phase.

The reason for me writing this blog:  everyone I’ve helped has begged me to write a book.  So that’s what I’m doing.  The blog comes first.

(As a side note:  Writing is not my forte and as an effort to save time and energy I will be writing in a conversational tone.  My time spent on this blog will be merely a way to craft ideas for the book.)

Please jump in and say what you think.  I love to hear others’ opinions.

or email me:  incognito.janedoe@gmail.com if you would like my coaching services.

The standard fee is $100 per hr.  but may be lower if time needed is extensive, say an intense beginners week.


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